Thoroughly enjoy yourself in Kamimikawa Town, Tochigi Prefecture, the birthplace of creative origami
Japan’s proudest creative origami experience
Enjoy “Creative Origami Experience” with your family!
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Origami can be enjoyed from many angles!

I was amazed that someone has developed origami into ORIGAMI.

Also, the creative origami taught by a young man who was touched by the life of that person is truly an incomparable journey. You can really feel the richness of life by incorporating the act of “folding” into your daily scene. I will recommend you to my friends in Taiwan.

Origami As a Service

Many people may not know much about creative origami, but Akira Yoshizawa, a native of Kamimikawa Town in Tochigi Prefecture, is the super Japanese of creative origami and is considered to be the leading authority on creative origami.

The word “Origami” has become a globally accepted word not only in kanji but also in the alphabet “Origami.
In fact, it was only after this Mr. Yoshizawa’s activities such as exhibiting at the 1992 Expo in Seville and being invited by foreign governments to teach at various locations that the Japanese language became English.

Please join us for this hands-on program to create creative origami together in Mr. Yoshizawa’s hometown.

What you will experience
Experience 1
Creative Origami Experience

The program will be led by alumni of the University of Tokyo’s Origami Research Group, which is dedicated to promoting the spread of creative origami.

Origami Experience with Food

Origami can also be enjoyed as food.
Gyoza (dumpling) skins are folded into the shapes of goldfish and flowers to make Tochigi’s famous gyoza (dumplings).

The inside will be filled with a local specialty called black fried rice, which will be fried as dumplings or spring rolls.
You can also try something like making your own by fully utilizing your knowledge of origami. Moreover, even chopstick rests are made as origami by yourself, so you may be able to improvise an origami experience of making a chopstick rest out of a chopstick bag!

This is a valuable experience for foreigners as well.

in the shape of a folded paper crane
In the shape of a goldfish
Origami Experience with Kanna Scraps

Origami experience with Hinoki sawdust. For example, you can make a shuriken.

In this photo, a calligraphy teacher also participated in the event, and each participant wrote their goals for the year and their enthusiasm for the New Year on a kanakuzu with her guidance.

Formal visit to Shirasagi Shrine with origami made from kanagigami scraps

We made a formal visit to the nearby Shirasagi Shrine (which we named the Origami Shrine) and all of us dedicated origami.

It is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Recommended for
  • For those who want to experience the unusual experience of creative origami.
  • Those who want to learn origami techniques easily.
  • Those who want to enjoy a variety of meals and lunches by using origami techniques for cooking.
  • etc.
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