Miso Experience Utilizing Japan’s Pride in Fermented Foods
Experience the depth of miso in Kawaguchi, Saitama!
Miso experience at the historic former Tanaka Family Residence!
Customer Comment
The national miso eating comparison was a shock!

I had not had the chance to taste miso from other regions, so it was really fun to compare the color, intensity of flavor, and taste when made into miso soup, while also hearing about the background of each region’s climate and other aspects of miso!

Miso As a Service

Miso is not just about eating, but also about what kind of service we can provide by using the combination of miso and other ingredients.

Tanaka Tokubei Shoten, which supplies this miso, began making miso several hundred years ago and now focuses on miso sales.

What you will experience
Tour of the former Tanaka family residence

The former Tanaka Family Residence, the setting of the Miso Experience, is a historical building constructed in the Taisho era by Tokubei Tanaka, the fourth generation of the Tanaka family who made his fortune in the miso brewing business, and was designated a National Important Cultural Property in 2018 along with the Japanese-style building that was later expanded.
The building, with its various Western and Japanese designs, is an extremely valuable three-story brick building.

There is also a tea ceremony room and a Japanese garden. The visit itself is worthwhile, as there are both Western and Japanese-style buildings, and while touring, you can hear about miso making from the current head of the company.

Location used as miso warehouse
Inside the warehouse. Currently used as a tea room.
You can also take a stroll in the Japanese garden, which still remains today.
Enjoy seasonal scenery as well.
Comparison of 9 kinds of miso & miso soup

Visitors can compare nine different kinds of miso carefully selected from all over Japan and produced in different regions.
You can taste not only different tastes but also different colors from white to dark brown, some made from barley, some made from rice, and some from sweet to dry.
You will be able to taste miso that you would not normally eat, and you will also be able to see that there really are differences among miso by comparing them.

In addition, dissolve it in hot water and taste it as miso soup.
It has a different taste from miso itself.

This program is a top choice for both Japanese and foreigners.

Taste the Miso Rice Bowl

You can eat these miso with white rice balls for lunch.
Simple miso rice balls are excellent!

Miso ball making experience

Since we wanted to go beyond the tasting, we also offered a chance to make your own miso balls to take home in a truffle box so that you can enjoy them after you leave.

You can also mix dried ingredients together and store them in the refrigerator or freezer after you take them home, so you can dissolve them in hot water and enjoy delicious miso soup anytime.

This experience is very popular because it looks so cute.

Recommended for
  • Those interested in comparing miso and miso soups.
  • Those who want to keep track of sightseeing attractions in various regions of Japan through miso.
  • and everyone else who wants to learn more about the depth of miso!
Other experiences include…
Calligraphy Experience

This is an experience to write your favorite word on the back of a miso ball truffle box in calligraphy with a calligrapher teaching you how to write it.

Japanese Tea Experience

Depending on the number of participants, a special experience of tasting authentic green Sayama tea by Mr. Brekel Oskar, famous for his NHK program, will also be available!

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