Toyama Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture, home to the World Heritage Site of Gokayama and the treasure of cold yellowtail and white shrimp from Toyama Bay, is one of Japan’s most famous off the beaten path destinations. With the Shinkansen line scheduled to be extended to Tsuruga in Fukui Prefecture in 2024, the trend toward ‘Discover Toyama’ is expected to accelerate as more and more attention is drawn to the Hokuriku region.
Two of the great guys’ stories in Toyama.
These are actually Nobel-Prize worthy legends!
Dating back to more than 100 years, there were two Nobel-Prize Worthy men born into a family of doctors in Toyama Prefecture at the same time. One was Jokichi Takamine and the other was Tadamasa Hayashi. They were both great businessmen with outstanding management skills and played the role of private diplomats, sometimes with an overflowing venture spirit. Following you can find their simple life stories.

Jokichi Takamine

A scientist and businessman who made a huge fortune in the United States by discovering Adrenaline and Taka-diastase, which attracted all medical professionals. His two major inventions and discoveries made his position in the U.S. unassailable. He is known as the “father of biotechnology as well as start-up business” for his contributions to the development of brewing and fermentation technology. He generously invested the wealth he gained from his business success for the sake of Japan-U.S. goodwill and private diplomacy activities.

Tadamasa Hayashi

An art dealer, the father of Japonisme at Paris in the latter half on 19th century, introduced Japanese art to Europe mainly in Paris, absolutely at the Paris Expo. His activities in determining the high-added value of Ukiyo-e are worthy of praising especially. His translations of Japanese art features in Paris Illustre, a famous Parisian magazine in those days, played a main role in popularizing Japanese art, which dominated Paris at the time.

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Still can’t forget the landscape!
Ms. D.A
(An investor
in his fifties)

I went to Gokayama, a World Heritage site, before the Corona disaster. That’s really the Japanese countryside, just as I had imagined, I experienced making Japanese paper(They usually call it Washi in Japan) from the beginning, and I vividly remember that I felt as if I were in a different world. Gokayama in the summer was dazzling with fresh greenery and I felt like I was coming back to life. I would like to visit Toyama again on my next visit to Japan, as it is very close to Kanazawa and the Kurobe Canyon Route will be completed next year. I also remember that the sushi was soooooo delicious.

The town where Japanese billionaires were active.
Mr. T.S
(A family business in his fifties)

When I visited Toyama some years ago, I was strongly impressed by the old townscape. It is said that it was the center of trade on the Sea of Japan several hundred years ago, and you can visit the houses of traders from that time. On the other hand, nature is also very rich. Gokayama in the snow season looks like the picture, and the Tateyama mountain range seen over the sea from the coast was an out-of-this-world view. I never thought I would be able to see such a spectacular view just two hours away from Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train.

What’s more?
Toyama you never experienced!
The advertisement of announcement of World Fair in 1904, St.Louis, U.S.

Jokichi Takamine is also well known as the first chairman of The Nippon Club in New York and as the actual contributor of the Cherry Blossom Trees along the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. He also purchased the Japan Pavilion at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 and used it as his villa in New-Jersey, named Shofuden, which is on display in his birthplace of Toyama right now.

His mansion in Manhattan and his grave in the Bronx still exist. His wife was Mrs. Caroline Hitch from New Orleans, who was also a pioneer in intercultural marriages.

Meawhile, Tadamasa Hayashi, In addition to his achievements in producing the Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Katsushika, one of the most famous Japanese artists in the world today, he is also famous for his financial support of Vincent Van Gogh, who had just made his debut in Paris in the latter half of the 19th century.

How about deep diving into Toyama’s special experiences while seeing with your own eyes the facts and breath of history behind the scenes!
  • For example, we have developed some new contemporary ‘DiscoverToyama’ gastronomy plans inspired by the menu of the dinner Jokichi Takamine was invited to by President Taft of the United States as a thank you return for his donation of cherry trees in Washington D.C.
  • For example, we will coordinate the actual Paris Illustre experiences, edited 140 years ago by Tasamasa Hayashi, deeply explained from the current family and/or curators followed by hopping shopping experiences that takes you to the current artisan activities in Toyama, as if you were in a modern version of the Japonisme movement!
What’s Tomorrow is Another Toyama?
Tomorrow is Another Toyama

This time, we have mixed the strengths of Toyama, such as World renowned Gokayama Gassho-Tsukuri with the stories of Super Japanese born in Toyama, and created once-in-your-lifetime experience called “Tomorrow is Another Toyama” as one of the signature products that can only be experienced
in Toyama.
A hidden-gem of a two-day / one-night tour!
  • A gastronomy experience based on the menu for the dinner Jokichi Takamine was invited by President Taft of the United States in return for his contribution of Cherry Blossom Trees in the Washington D.C.
  • Japanese architecture experience based on the story of the carpenters who moved and repairing Shofuden( ex-Japan Pavilion at World Fair in Saint Louis in 1904) to New-Jersey.
  • A whisky tasting experience at the only distillery in the neighborhood dedicated for the fermentation research and development activities of Jokichi Takamine.
  • A year-round Cherry Blossom Experience and an exclusive tour of footprints such as Shofuden and small museum next to the birthplace of Jokichi Takamine.
  • A special talk by the current family of Tadamasa Hayashi regarding his life story.
  • An expert explanation of the actual Paris Illustre edited by Tadamasa Hayashi.
  • Artisans’ shopping hopping nearby, where they are boosting new-gen’s art scenes from Toyama following Tadamasa’s intention and footsteps.
  • Stamping ceremony of travelers’ original stamp developed newly as a motif of a seal Tadamasa Hayashi used and was considered a proof of authentic Ukiyo-e at the time he was active selling Ukiyo-e in Paris.
  • And with world renowned destinations nearby mixed these special experiences…
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Omotenashi Experiences!
  • Why not join us for doctors in respect for Jokichi Takamine!
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Tomorrow is Another Toyama features…
The program is a hidden-gems of a two-day and one-night that allows you to experience Japanese hidden histories, which even Japanese nowadays do not know.
A gastronomy experience on the motif of President Taft Dinner.

The “President Taft Gastronomy Dinner Experience” inspired by the actual dinner menu that Jokichi Takamine was invited to by President Taft in return for his friendship of Cherry Blossom contributions.

Cherry Blossom Experiences

Toyama welcomes you with the best hospitality. A year-round Cherry Blossom experiences offer you to feel local, rare, culture-oriented ones to your heart’s content.

Paris Illustre Experiences

It is only at Tomorrow is Another Toyama that you can not only hear rare stories directly from the current family of Tadamasa Hayashi or a curator expert but take a look at actual magazine 140 years ago.

Unparalleled Appraisal experiences

You can be given a special appraisal one by one when it comes to buying modern artists’ pieces with your original stamps which had been kick in 19 centuries in Europe.

There are other experiences that can only be experienced at
Tomorrow is Another Toyama!
Next to Jokichi’s birthplace, there is a small museum where you can enjoy following his history with an exclusive guide..
Artisan hopping will take you to modern art in Toyama nowadays.
Shofuden, in Takaoka city now, was what Jokichi Takamine got from Japanese government which they used as a pavilion in the World Fair in 1904, St.Louis.

Can’t introduce you all on this pages!

Special customized itineraries are also available for doctors and/or art collectors to welcome you.

Here you can find the short movie of
Tomorrow is Another Toyama.