Recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage Site! An Experience of Authentic Fresh Wasabi is Now Available!
The Wasabi Fields of Ikadaba, Izu
A one-of-a-kind Wasabi experience!
The Wasabi Experience
An unforgettable trip
Customer Comment
A bottle of wasabi can make such a trip so much more enjoyable!
The scenic beauty of Izu with My wasabi

A bottle of fresh wasabi from Izu can make such an enjoyable trip around the local agriculture as well as lunch and dinner. It was a great opportunity to learn about the history of wasabi in a place with clean and delicious water. I think every chef in the world should experience this once.

Wasabi As a Service

As part of our adventure tourism program, we have updated the plan to visit a World Agricultural Heritage site called Wasabi Fields of Ikadaba in Izu.
As part of adventure tourism, we updated our plan to visit a World Agricultural Heritage site called Ikadaba Wasabi Field in Izu, Japan.

We have been working with more wasabi producers to come up with various travel plans with wasabi as the starting point.
Under the basic concept of Wasabi As a Service, we conducted various demonstrations.

What you will experience
Visiting Wasabi fields of Ikadaba

The trip starts with a visit to the wasabi fields of Ikadaba, which have been recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage site.
The visit alone is worth a great deal of effort, as there are almost no large wasabi fields in Japan.

A story about Mr. Asada, Wasabi’s Super Japanese

We will hear from Mr. Asada (a family that has been producing wasabi for 16 generations), who has an area in the wasabi fields of Ikadaba and can be called a wasabi super-Japanese.

He has received awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Forestry Agency, and Shizuoka City, and what is remarkable is the existence of ancient documents that have been passed down in this family from generation to generation. Hearing Mr. Asada talk about wasabi based on the ancient documents is definitely something you cannot do without visiting Izu for a wasabi experience.

He will tell you how to rub wasabi, or how it differs from western wasabi in this way,
If you have a Wasabi expert tell you in detail that the aroma is completely different depending on how you rub it, or that you should rub it with this strength, you will be able to experience something new, such as eating sushi with this Wasabi.

Wasabi pickling experience & a bottle of wasabi as a gift!

Mr. Asada’s wife will lead you in making wasabi pickles. Of course, Mrs. Asada will teach you how to make wasabi pickles.

Mr. Asada’s wife will prepare a bottle of wasabi. Depending on the time of year, we may have to set up a program in which you pick the wasabi yourself.
A presentation ceremony will be held with the Wasabi grinder also given to you at the same time, and you will now go out to experience the surrounding area, enjoying various local foods with your own Wasabi.

Recommended for
  • Those who want to make their trip to Izu/Shuzenji area a value-added trip.
  • Those who want to enjoy high-quality freshly picked wasabi with a variety of foods.
  • Those who want to have a food experience in touch with nature.
  • For those who wish to enjoy the many charms of time, such as
Souvenirs include old documents left behind by a 16-generation wasabi farmer!
Benefit: abridged photocopied version of the Wasabi archives

A rare, old Wasabi document (photocopied version), which can only be seen at this rafting site, will be given as a special souvenir to all purchasers.
This is an indispensable one-of-a-kind experience in the history of Wasabi.

Other experiences include…
Sushi Nigiri Experience w/my Wasabi

At a nearby sushi restaurant, you will pick up your own wasabi, make your own sushi, and eat it.
This is not just a simple sushi-making experience, but a way to enjoy the process of being involved in all aspects of the food you eat, which is truly unique to Izu’s wasabi region.

Wasabi Dyeing Experience

Wasabi dyeing is difficult to experience because it requires a large amount of wasabi. Scarves and handkerchiefs can be dyed in about one hour, until you take them home with you. Courses can also be set up for overseas visitors to create wall art, etc.

Experience collecting shiitake mushrooms from logs

In Izu, the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms is very popular, and shiitake mushrooms are cultivated by shooting shiitake mushroom fungi into logs.

Visitors can enjoy the experience of collecting shiitake mushrooms from the logs, then grilling the shiitake mushrooms on the spot, grating their own wasabi and eating it on the shiitake mushrooms, a very primitive and primitive experience.
The world of agriculture that you create by yourself in the mountains is very popular.

Wasabi Meshi” with your own grated wasabi

It is a very simple food of wasabi + dried bonito flakes + rice, but we hope you will experience the fun and deliciousness of rubbing your own wasabi and eating it as it is.

Washi making experience

A new washi (Japanese paper) workshop has been established nearby, so visitors can enjoy the experience of making washi.
The area has clean water and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) grows there, so making washi was popular in the area.

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