Privacy policy

1. Declaration of personal information protection

Root and Partners Limited. (called “we” as follows) hit member all of you if I provide service of relief, security, the trust and will act as a rule for fate, appropriate protection of the personal information about the handling of the information (called “personal information” as follows) about all individuals of member.


2. Privacy policy

  1. We observe rule or other laws and ordinances of the Personal Information Protection Law and the Telecommunications Business Law to affect secrecy of communication concerned.
  2. We observe guidelines (the August 31, 2004 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications notification 695th) about the personal information protection in the telecommunications business.
  3. I perform appropriate management for all personal information to deal with in us.
  4. All people engaging in duties in us keep various personal information including member all of you and meet the trust.
  5. I take necessary and appropriate safety management measures and act for the improvement that we have access to information illegally and prevent loss of the information, destruction, manipulation and a leak.


3. About the handling of the personal information

  1. Identification of the use purpose
    In us, I use the personal information such as the full name of the member who acquired it, an address, the phone number for the purpose of follows. Notice of the abolition, we provide it on a change, the holidays such as the offer of our service, the person confirmation of the member, inquiry correspondence, our service, and the news of the service uses it for the guidance of various event campaigns.
  2. Disclosure of the personal information
    We accept this after the person confirmed it when there is request of the disclosure of the personal information about the self from a member. In addition, I cope immediately when there is the proposal such as the corrections of personal contents.
  3. The use, offer of the personal information
    I acquire the personal information of the visitor in a range necessary to offer service and perform the use, an offer within the acquisition purpose.
  4. Third party offer
    Disclosure shall not provide personal information to a third party unless we use personal information within the acquisition purpose and manage it by an appropriate method and perform that I notify you of offer of the personal information and the use purpose and get consent. But, in the case of next, it is not this limit. The third party offers of the personal information that we perform are as follows.
    – When disposal of the compulsion based on the fate of the Criminal Procedure Code Article 218 (seizure, search, inspection with the warrant) others law is carried out.
    – When it is filled up requirements of the disclosure request based on law Article 4 (disclosure request of the sender information) about a limit of the compensation for damages responsibility of the specific telecommunications labor provider and the disclosure of the sender information.
    – When we judge that it is necessary for protection of life, a body or the property.


4. Inquiry of the personal information

I would like the inquiry about the privacy policy of our possession to the following.

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