HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019

Planning Overview

“HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019” is an award program by our 6,600 HighNetWorth Magazine readers will select the best hotels around the globe through the online questionnaire.

The advantage of joining this program, you will be able to get publicity to our high net worth clients as well as the report of related this award. Why not thinking about participating in this program to get more information of the trends of your industry of Japanese and Asian high net worth people. If you get the prize, you are so lucky! as well.


Registration Plan

●Annual advertisement in HighNetWorth Hotel Online (hotel.ne.jp)
– Using 1 space for 1 facility, article will be not changeable
*Including design production cost
– JPY 100,000 (excluding tax) is a normal price.(Tax exclusion)
– To ensure the fairness in publication, each facility will be able to add 2 pictures with 100 words. All the items you would like to run in the page will be prepared by the advertiser.

●Introduction in HighNetWorth Magazine (Once a year)
Introduction about information of registration hotel in HighNetWorth Magazine which is is membership magazine for our high net worth families.
*Including design production cost

Normal Price: 11,500USD 4C/1P(Excluding Tax)
Exposure Space: 1/9 Page(1 Pictures with 100 words)

●Test stay experiences will be appeared in HNW Magazine
Our HNW clients test stay your hotel. We will conduct a questionnaire and provide the contents as a report. (By PDF)

●Providing a Report
We will provide a report summarizing the results of the Hotel of the year.(By PDF)

●Annual rate for registration
300 USD (excluding tax) + test stay for 2 nights

*Asking for providing the test stay for our 6,600 high net worth clients.
Test stay experiences will be appeared in “HighNetWorth Hotel Research Institute (www.hotel.ne.jp)”.



●HighNetWorth Hotel of the year 2019
Gold prize (1 facility)
Silver prize (2 facilities)
Bronze prize (several facilities)

Many section prizes will be prepared such as a renewal prize, a hospitality prize, a family prize, a brand-new Rookie Prize.

●Prize privilege
– Introduction in HighNetWorth Magazine (Including test stay experiences)
– Introduction in our 100 sites and being considered for more privilege


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