HighNetWorth Research JAPAN

Planning overview

HighNetWorth Research Japan gives services to plan implement survey on wealthy people targeting affluent Japanese for clients who want to sell goods and services and for those who are willing to engage in Japanese HighNetWorth business.
Various HighNetWorth survey such as quick research using telephone and e-mail is what we can do depending on needs and situation, meanwhile deep hearing interview on a face-to-face basis is feasible approach as well. We also have the advantage of being able to make quantitative surveys of hundreds of HighNetWorth people scale.


Survey flow example

Discussion/Survey design (Skype/Email)​
Discuss and understand the end client’s needs and situation, offer suitable designed survey.

Recruiting/Field work
We recruit the optimal personnels based on survey design, followed by proceeding field works.

Survey result translation and submission of reportings/findings.



Case/From Research Company
A certain luxury automobile manufacturer is planning to sell new models in Japan. They would like to survey the affluent Japanese’ latest trends of automobile brands and models.

1. Conduct discussions over skype and email and understand the end client’s needs and situation, offer suitable designed survey.
2. 10 wealthy people are recruited who are interested in automobile followed by conducting depth interviews based on survey design.
3. Summarize the results of the depth interview surveys and deliver the report with many insights after translating in English.



【Quick Online/Qualitative/Quantitative etc】Upon Request

*Online quick research (Max 5 Questions, 10 Persons) status from about 5,000USD.
*Depending on requests, we may decline support of some or all. Thank you for your understanding.
*Other language is upon request.



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