Lux Representative JAPAN

Planning overview

Lux Representative JAPAN implements PR support specialized in Japanese HighNetWorth targets for foreign companies who want to disclose their products and services to Japanese HighNetWorth. We will utilize relations with domestic various exclusive medias to support PR service comprehensively. At the same time, we will set up sales representative function internally (secretariat function) and respond to various inquiries on behalf of your company in Japanese.


Services we can offer

PR representative function in Japanese HighNetWorth markets

  • Create a Japanese press release /Translate an English press release into Japanese.
  • Distribution of press release (We own proprietary media, relations with various wealthy medias in Japan).
  • PR representative function in Japan.
  • Organize familiarization trip.
    And more

Sales representative function (secretariat function)

  • Japanese HighNetWorth Individuals’ inquiries handling service.



Case / Luxury watch brand
The company is planning to launch a new product to be released to Japanese HighNetWorth. They would like to make press release in order to promote it to Japanese HighNetWorth.

1. Create a Japanese press release of the new product and distribute to over 30 Japanese HighNetWorth medias that we have better relationships.
2. Organize familiarization trip to your company together with two medias particularly interested.



【PR Support to Japanese HNWIs】
Actual Translation Fee + Media Exposure Success Fee (Upon Request)

【Sales Gateway Function to Japanese HNWIs】
300 USD / month and Success Fee (Upon Request)

*We will ask for better ways together with you when it comes, so that we cannot accept all requests.



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