Time Travel “Sempo To Go” 〈3 nights package〉

In the Covid-19 Pandemic period, we stared ‘Virtual Sempo To Go’ dedicated to Sempo. Please see here.


Sempo (Chiune) Sugihara, who was called Japanese holocaust rescuer. He issued over 2,000 “Visa of Life” for Jewish people during WWⅡ in Europe for saving over 6,000 lives. This project (your bucket-list tour) offers special experiences dedicated to him, starting with a private guide of Sempo Museum by the Sugihara’s family followed by networking opportunities with Sempo’s descendant family, where you can learn the history of Sempo Sugihara and his minds directly from them including the presentation ceremony of special Sempo Passport with ‘Visas for life right now’ signed by Sugihara Family. Before/After the Sugihara experiences, please enjoy selected 10 kinds of “Tokyo Deep Dive Tour” on the theme of “gastronomy” “EDO culture” “Shinto”, etc.


Tour Package

1. Sempo Passport (*1)
2. “Sempo Museum” Private Guide Tour by Sugihara Family
3. Networking with Sugihara Family
4. Tokyo Deep Dive Tour Option
5. Partner Hotels’ Stay
6. Kamakura Sempo Grave Visit

(*1) Special Sempo Passport will be presented to all of the participants of this dedicated tour with the sign by Sugihara families meaning ‘Visas for life now’ which you can use any related places of Sempo in Japan and more for your and your descendant once-in-a-lifetime memories.



  1. Official
    In cooperation with NPO Chiune Sugihara Visa For Life
  2. Sempo Experiences
    – Present special Sempo Passport signed by Sugihara’s
    – A Private guide tour by Sugihara’s at Sempo Museum
    – Networking opportunity with Sugihara’s
    – Kamakura day trip visiting to Sempo grave
  3. Donation
    This project is the so-called ETHICAL Tour including donations to Family’s NPO
  4. Tokyo Travel in style
    Feel modern Tokyo as well in various styles



Day1 NRT or HND Airport → Hotel → Free Time
Day2 Hotel → Sempo Museum Private Guide Tour → Networking with ”Sugihara’s Family” (*2) → Tokyo deep dive tour (*3) → Hotel → Free Time
Day3 Hotel → Kamakura Sempo Grave → Sightseeing ancient Kamakura area → Hotel → Free Time
Day4 Hotel → Another place in Japan/NRT or HND Airport

(*2) Small Meeting/Luncheon/Afternoon Tea/Dinner
You can choose any of these above.
(*3) Digital Innovation Art Tour/Shinto Tour/EDO Culture Tour/Ginza Shopping Tour/Michelin Stars Tour/etc.
We prepare 10 kinds of Tokyo 2-3 hours’ tour like above.
You can choose any of those.



5,000~6,000 USD/3 nights, per person
* It depends on hotels/networking opportunities you select. Please give us your request so that we can submit a final quotation.


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