Time Travel ‘Virtual Sempo To Go’

Because we are now in the Covid-19 pandemic period, we started a campaign named Virtual Sempo To Go in collaboration with EC infrastructure ‘Shopify’, which constitutes of both Sempo Passport signed directly by Sugihara family now and online guide of Chiune Sugihara Sempo Museum in Tokyo, surely by Sugihara family.

Virtual Sempo To Go has been one of the ethical products for those who love Sempo’s activities in those days. If you are interested in, please go to this website to get highly memorable experiences, not only for Jewish people but for Japanese who admire Sempo’s history.

In the post Pandemic period, let us meet in Tokyo directly to have more memorable experiences with Sempo’s family, which never fail to be hidden jems to you all.
Regarding travels dedicated to Sempo, please see here.


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  5. Time Travel “Sempo To Go” 〈3 nights package〉

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