Japanese Cuisine Kanda

The washoku restaurant where eyes, hand and feeling reach

“Kanda” is well-known restaurant of the Washoku meal in Motoazabu of Tokyo.
This restaurant opened in May, 2004.


Hiroyuki Kanda of the owner chef started training in Osaka.

And then he visited France at 23 years old and worked as a master chef in a Japanese restaurant in Paris.

After he came back to Japan, he worked as chef in Japanese restaurant “Aoyagi” and he opened “Kanda”.


“Kanda” provide the best dish which accepted the budget of the visitor in a concept in “The washoku restaurant where eyes, hand and feeling reach”


Mr. Kanda say “the dish changes by the stocking, and the visitor. There is no best dishes for all customers, because each persons are different. For example, age, body tyoe, and view of life. Our goal is to provide the dishes which make customers happy within their budget. So there is no price paper in our restarurant. All is the live”.


If you want to eat the only best Washoku meal for you, we want you to visit “Kanda”.


Restaurant Information

【Address】Motoazabu 3-6-34, Minato-ku, Tokyo
【Access】8 minutes from 1B exit of Roppongi station by foot

[map addr=”〒106-0046 東京都港区元麻布3丁目6−34 日本” width=”630px” height=”450px”]



If you want to reserve, please call the following number.



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