For Asian high net worth individuals. Are you interested in “Ginza Bar Hopping”?

It is a good news to high end tourist to Tokyo!
As you know, Ginza is the most exciting night spot in Tokyo in that gentlemen have fan than they have expected.
Especially many bars in Ginza, what we call “Clubs in Ginza” are ones you cannot enter easily without third party’s introsuction.
HighNetWorth Magazine will one of your third parties! By special plan named “Ginza Bar Hopping”!

Ginza Bar Hopping is composed of a fine dinner (We call it “DOHAN”) followed by going to 3 bars we collaborate.
It goes without saying that you can never experience such wonderful experiences which Japanese high net worth individuals have been experiencing for a long time.

Japanese culture exists in not only traditional culture like Kabuki but the best hospitality of mastered hostesses.
Surely we accompany with you and show you all the night. Why not thinking of Ginza Bar Hopping as highly rare experiences with us.
Expensive but do not miss it!


Please contacut us about “Ginza Bar Hopping” from our contact page below.

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