【Breaking News2】Quite rare accommodation experience at Sankeien, a Japanese garden that attracted a Nobel Prize-winning author of literature in India!

Sankeien is a Japanese garden that is often referred to as the Katsura Rikyu of the East, Japan and is one of Japan’s most famous scenic destinations, where Hara Sankei, who made his fortune in the silk trade after Japan’s port-opening in Meiji era, not only pursued his hobby of collecting antiques, but also purchased old buildings from around the country, relocated them, and developed them, including the garden followed by building Sankeien for the purpose of living his life and proposing oasis for citizens in Yokohama .

The Indian poet Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize of Literature, was one of those who were fascinated by the spectacular view and and said, “I want to stay long to write a poem here.”

In this project, with the cooperation of Mr. Hara (Chairman of Hotel New Grand made by Hara Sankei), who is also a member of Hara Sankei’s current family, he will tell you not only about the family story, but also how Sankei made his fortune and how he was always willing to give back to society and people, without keeping his achievements for himself, especially since it has been 100 years from the big earthquake in Greater Kanto Area, when Sankei made the greatest efforts on recovering Yokohama city.

The experience is limited to 4 people per group, and only 2 groups are accepted from Japan and overseas!

Breaking News 1 World’s First Luxury Experience in Japan! -Sankeien Garden Stay, first come, first served basis-

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